Now Registering for our 2021-2022 Season


Studio A Studio B Studio C
4:15-5:00pm: Pre Tap & Ballet
4:45-5:30pm: Mini Ballet
4:45-5:30pm: Junior Tap
5:00-5:45pm: Pee Wee Hip Hop
5:30-6:15pm: Mini Jazz
5:30-6:30pm: Junior Professional
5:30-6:30pm: A1 Jazz
6:15-7:15pm: Teen Ballet 1
6:00-7pm: Production
6:30-7:15pm: Junior Ballet 1
7:15-8:15pm: Teen Jazz 1
7:00-8:45pm: Teen/Senior Production
7:15-8:00pm: Beginner Jazz


Studio A Studio B Studio C
4:45-5:30pm: Junior Contemporary
4:45-5:30pm: Teen/Senior Stretch
4:45-5:30pm: A1 Tap and Ballet
5:30-6:30pm:Junior Ballet 2
5:30-6:45pm: Teen/Senior Ballet
6:30-7:15pm: Junior Hip Hop
6:45-7:30pm:Beginner/Intermediate Pointe
6:45-7:30pm: A2 Tap and Ballet
7:30-8:30pm: Junior Jazz
7:30-8:15pm: Advanced Pointe
8:15-9:00pm: Teen/Sr Contemporary/Hip Hop


Studio A Studio B Studio C
4:45-5:30pm: School Age Hip Hop
4:45-5:30pm: Teen Contemporary 1
4:45-5:30pm: A2 Jazz
5:30-6:15pm: Teen Hip Hop 1
5:30-6:15pm: Mini Tap
5:30-6:15pm: Pre Tap & Ballet
6:15-7:00pm: Beginner Hip Hop
6:15-7:15pm: Rec Team
7:15-8:00pm: Teen Stretch 1


Studio A Studio B Studio C
4:00-4:45pm: 6-8 Years of Age Acro
4:45-5:30pm: Intermediate Acro 1
4:45-5:30pm: Teen Tap
4:45-5:30pm: Petite Jazz
5:30-6:15pm: Intermediate Acro 2
5:45-6:15pm: Junior Jazz 1
5:30-6:15pm: Promoted Tap & Ballet
6:15-7:15pm: Senior Jazz
6:15-7:15pm: Teen Jazz 2
7:15-8:00pm: Junior Stretch
7:15-8:00pm: Senior Tap
8:00-9:00pm: Senior Ballet
8:00-9:00pm: Teen Ballet

Classes begin Tuesday, August 9th

Labor Day & Memorial Day

Thanksgiving Break:
November 24th & 25th

Christmas Break:
December 20th - January 2nd

Spring Break:
April 5th - April 9th

Ballet: Black leotard and pink tights with pink ballet shoes. (For all ballet only classes)

Tap: Black tap shoes

Hip Hop: Loose fitting clothing & sneakers. Sneakers must be only used for class. (Don’t bring in dirt from outside please!)

Give us a call or come to the studio to register today!